Apply a few drops to the hands and spread on vulnerable areas with a firm upward circular massage, up to twice a day if necessary.

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INCI (Ingredients): Olea europaea (oliva virgen extra/extra virgin olive) fruit oil *, Corylus avellana (avellanas/hazelnut) seed oil *, Helianthus annuus (girasol/sunflower) seed oil *, Sesamum indicum (sésamo/sesame) oil *, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (almendras/almond) oil *, Rosa moschata (rosa mosqueta/rosehip) seed oil *, Calendula officinalis (caléndula/marigold) flower extract *. 

* from organic farming (100% of ingredients)

100% organic certified.

100% virgin, cold pressed vegetable oils.

0% preservatives.

With 100% organic spanish extra virgin olive oil cold pressed with Protected Designation of Origin.


Organic extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil (Olea europaea fruit oil) is an excellent emollient, humectant ingredient for the skin. Remarkably high in Vitamin E, polyphenol, fatty acids (oleic, linoleic ) and squalene.

Marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis flower extract): emollient, epithelializing and healing. Essential ingredient for treating sensitive and delicate skin.

Organic cold-pressed hazelnut oil (coryllus avellana seed oil) highly nourishing, regenerating and firming. Soft , gentle and quick absorption oil.

Organic col-pressed  sunflower oil (Heliantus annus oil) on of the oils  with highest natural content in vitamin E, even more than olive oil, preventing cellular aging. Quick absorption and suitable for any type of skin.

Organic virgin cold-pressed sesame oil (sesamum indicum oil)  great antioxidant due to high content of vitamin E. Nourishing and regenerating benefits for sensitive and dry skin.

Organic virgin cold-pressed sweet almond oil (Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil) strongly recommended for sensitive, delicate skin and high in linoleic fatty acid and vitamins A, B , E.

Organic virgin cold-pressed Rosehip oil (Rosa moschata seed oil) promotes cellular renewal and aids healing of scars dramatically. It has also powerful firming benefits for the skin and it tones tired and dull skin.

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As it has no preservatives, how should I keep this product so that it does not spoil?

The only precautions to be taken with our products are: high temperatures (no need to store the product in the fridge, but avoid high temperatures e.g. inside the car in summer), oxidation (close the jar after use) and humidity (avoid contact with water).

Is it suitable for vegans?

Yes, it is a vegan product, it has not been tested on animals, it does not contain ingredients derived from animals or products produced by animals.

Can anti-stretch marks oil be used on the abdomen and chest areas during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes, this oil is designed to increase skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks, so it can be used without problems on the abdomen and chest during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Formulated without essential oils and with marigold extract, it is completely safe for babies. Apply it best after showering or whenever you feel more comfortable.

Could any of the ingredients cause allergies?

Yes, there are two groups of components that can cause allergic reactions: vegetable oils extracted from nuts and essential oils.

Since the vegetable oils that we use are pure, virgin and unrefined, they contain the allergens from the nuts. A person allergic to almonds cannot use the products containing sweet almond oil. The same applies to hazelnuts (hazelnut oil), sunflower seeds (sunflower seed oil) and sesame seeds (sesame oil).

Essential oils are natural aromatic substances secreted by plants and composed of different components. Some of these components are allergenic, i.e. they can cause allergies, like geraniol or citral. Cosmetic product safety regulations require that allergenic components of essential oils must be listed in the ingredients list when they are present in concentrations higher than 0.001% when the product is left on the skin, and higher than 0.01% when the product is applied but then removed from the skin. People who are allergic to these components of essential oils cannot use cosmetics containing them.

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Me ha encantado el aceite antiestrias, el único que ha conseguido quitarme los picores típicos de la tripa estirándose. Además no mancha la ropa y no tiene olor, lo que es perfecto para una embarazada. Tampoco me han salido estrías, pero eso ya es más genético y depende de la persona. Lo que más me ha gustado ha sido no tener picores y poder descansar por la noche. 100% recomendable


This formula prevents the appearance of stretch marks especially during pregnancy or adolescence and in periods when there is change in weight and loss of elasticity in general. Expect a smooth, soft and nourished skin, while improving firmness and elasticity.

Formulated without fragrances (perfumes) for the total peace of mind of the pregnant mother.

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