Apply a small amount into cleansed skin, spread and massage gently covering the armpit.

Using a deodorant is as important as cleansing the underarm to eliminate accumulated bacteria that cause bad odour. A good underarm cleansing routine is complemented by our Natural Soap Mousse and a shower mitt.

Step 1, clean: moisten the mitt, rub the soap bar and wash thoroughly the armpit, rinse and then dry very well.

Step 2, moisturise and protect: apply a small amount and massage until cream sinks into skin.

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Ingredients (INCI): Zea mays (maíz/corn) starch*, Butyrospermum parkii (karité/shea) butter*, Cocos nucifera (coco/coconut) oil*, Kaolin, Olea europaea (oliva virgen extra/extra virgin olive) fruit oil*, Citrus limonum (limón/lemon) peel oil*, Thymus vulgaris(tomillo/thyme) oil*, limonene**, linalool**, citral**, geraniol**.

* organically grown. **naturally present in essential oils.

100% organic certified.

100% virgin, cold pressed vegetable oils.

0% preservatives.

With 100% organic spanish extra virgin olive oil cold pressed with Protected Designation of Origin.


Maize starch: this antiseptic and astringent ingredient is rich in vitamins and minerals and neutralises odours.

Organic shea butter: pure,virgin and unrefined butter suitable for all skins, with anti-inflammatory, nourishing, healing and emollient properties.

Organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil: this emollient, protective and skin regenerator oil strives to fight bacteria.

Kaolin: white clay -kaolinite- with great absorbent power due to its high mineral salt content. Additionally, its antiseptic properties reduce perspiration and fight bad odour.

Organic extra virgin olive oil: this oil is an excellent emollient and skin moisturiser, rich in vitamin E, polyphenols, fatty acids and squalene. Produced in Spain, of extra virgin quality and cold-pressed.

Organic lemon essential oil: antibacterial and antiseptic oil that stimulates micro-circulation. Additionally, it purifies and regulates sebum secretion of the skin.

Organic thyme essential oil: an ingredient celebrated for its antiseptic, astringent, antibacterial and antifungal qualities. 

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Does this deodorant contain aluminium or antiperspirants?

No. It is formulated without aluminium salts allowing your skin to breathe naturally.

I am pregnant, can I use it with peace of mind?

Yes, all ingredients are harmless to you and your baby. The small amount of essential oil in it does not pose any risk.

My skin reddens with deodorants containing bicarbonate,can I use this deodorant?

Yes. It is formulated without bicarbonate and therefore will not irritate your skin.

I have a strong body odour, is this deodorant suitable for me?

Probably no. Being bicarbonate-free, its effectiveness is reduced. It is an effective daily use deodorant for people with normal body odour.

As it has no preservatives, how should I keep this product so that it does not spoil?

The only precautions to be taken with our products are: high temperatures (no need to store the product in the fridge, but avoid high temperatures e.g. inside the car in summer), oxidation (close the jar after use) and humidity (avoid contact with water).

Is it suitable for vegans?

Yes, it is a vegan product, it has not been tested on animals, it does not contain ingredients derived from animals or products produced by animals.

Could any of the ingredients cause allergies?

Yes, products made with shea butter may cause reactions in people who are allergic to latex. Additionally, essential oils are natural aromatic substances secreted by plants and composed of different components.

Some of these components are allergenic, i.e. they can cause allergies, like geraniol or citral. Cosmetic product safety regulations require that allergenic components of essential oils must be listed in the ingredients list when they are present in concentrations higher than 0.001% when the product is left on the skin, and higher than 0.01% when the product is applied but then removed from the skin. People who are allergic to these components of essential oils cannot use cosmetics containing them. 

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Buen desodorante con componentes naturales , respetuoso con la piel y efectivo


Deodorant cream formulated to allow skin to breath naturally, moisturising it and absorbing excess moisture. The smooth texture sinks into skin readily, leaving a genuine Mediterranean scent of lemon and thyme.

Dermatologically tested. With a mild smell and effect, it is suitable for sensitive skin. Formulated without bicarbonate.


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