The alchemy of MATARRANIA lies in the wisdom of the Mediterranean culture, in the secrets of ancient formulae.

Olive oil and wild plant extracts are the real architects of the excellent protecting and regenerating effects of our cosmetics.

Highly concentrated, with sumptuous textures and natural and evocative aromas, all the product ranges of MATARRANIA are formulated without water and are chemical-free, and have been awarded a 100% organic certification.

The results: efficacy, respect for the skin and an intense feeling of wellbeing.

0% Water - 100% Active ingredients

100% Certified organic ingredients

100% Cold-pressed virgin vegetable oils

100% Wild grown Mediterranean plants

90% Locally produced ingredients (produced at less than 100 km distance)

100% Recycled cardboard and 30% recycled glass

100% Certified craftsmanship

0.7% Profits allocated for social and environmental projects

100% Support to female employment promoting reconciliation of work and private life

100% Support to local economic activities traditionally rooted in the land

Preservative-FREE, mineral oil-FREE, paraben-FREE and synthetic perfume-FREE

NO Animal testing

RAW cosmetics

Raw cosmetics is a concept borrowed from the Raw food diet. The ingredients in raw food cosmetics have not been subjected to high temperatures, i.e. they contain the maximum number of components in their purest form and, consequently, they are more effective. During manufacture, a temperature of 40 ºC is never exceeded, ensuring that all antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids present in the ingredients are fully preserved. In this way, their contribution to moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing all skin types is optimized.

In MATARRANIA we use many RAW ingredients: all the virgin vegetable oils in our products are cold-pressed: olive, almond, hazelnut, rosehip, sesame and sunflower. In addition, the active ingredients of plant origin are also obtained through cold maceration, without the use of heat. In this way, all the beneficial components of the plants are fully conveyed into the oils, providing a range of cosmetics that is totally natural, exceptionally pure and highly effective. 

All moisturizing body oils and treatment oils in MATARRANIA are considered to be RAW (as stated on the labels and on each product card) because no heat is used during their manufacture. However, for the balm-like creams, the mixture is subjected to heat in order to melt the virgin beeswax, which enables it to emulsify with the rest of the ingredients. As a result, such creams are not considered to be RAW.

SLOW cosmetics

MATARRANIA Slow Cosmetics were born out of the Slow movement.

Don't rush. Enjoy the pleasure of taking care of yourself; it's your moment… And do it in the most natural way possible, with ingredients grown in the wild; close to you; true to your nature.” This is one of the cornerstones of MATARRANIA's philosophy: cosmetics with a slow but effective absorption offering efficient results; with pure vegetable raw materials, non-synthesized nor isolated in laboratories; the closer the place they are grown, the better.

The Mediterranean tradition of using wild plants, together with the noblest of vegetable oils, gave us the key elements for obtaining beautiful, healthy skin in a natural way.

Recoleccion plantas

MATARRANIA is Slow Cosmetics for three reasons:

During the production process, the ancient practices for harvesting and preserving active ingredients are followed. Wild Mediterranean plants (we do not grow them) are harvested at the optimum moment. Afterwards, as our ancestors did before us, the plants are left to macerate in olive oil during 7, 21 or 40 days, in glass flasks protected from sunlight. Following these popular ancient formulae, the plants are stored undisturbed, slowly infusing and conveying their beneficial properties to the olive oil.

When applying our cosmetics, time and self-awareness is needed. The high concentration of olive oil in our formulae results in a slow absorption process for MATARRANIA's balms and oils. Our cosmetics should be gently massaged into the skin to allow for deep penetration. This also gives you the time and self-awareness needed to understand this is your moment of indulgence: to pamper yourself and receive Mother Nature’s gift of wellbeing and health. The deliciously intense, wild aromas our products offer are an additional benefit to the natural protection and intensive skin care they also provide.

More than 85% of MATARRANIA's ingredients are locally grown or Km 0, i.e., they have been obtained at a distance of less than 100 km. The vegetable oils, wild Mediterranean plants and essential oils are all local. Transporting them to our laboratory has had a minimal impact on the environment, and in their elaboration, support has been given to the farmers, SMEs and cooperatives that make up the rural fabric of our region. Beyond our cities lies the countryside, which provides the resources needed to feed our urban needs. Respecting and supporting this balance is essential in these modern times.

locion limpiadora

Pure ingredients

The star in MATARRANIA is the olive oil. An excellent organic virgin olive oil obtained using the traditional method of cold pressing. This means we obtain the oil from the first pressing, which is the only process that allows full preservation of the oil's properties. Large amounts of vitamin E, essential fatty acids and polyphenols make this olive oil a powerful antioxidant (impeding free radicals that cause skin ageing). In addition, the oil is an excellent moisturizer, protector and tonic for your skin.

We also use other cold-pressed virgin vegetable oils: almond, sesame, sunflower, hazelnut, coconut and rosehip. In formulating our creams, we employ virgin beeswax as a softening agent and skin protector.

Another important part of the composition is pure essential oils. Mechanically extracted, rather than by chemical methods, they bestow upon our products distinctive aromas, which are natural and genuine.

For hypersensitive skin that is unable to tolerate essential oils, we also have natural cosmetics that are perfume-free.

Another distinctive, important component in MATARRANIA's certified organic cosmetics are the active plant ingredients. These are obtained through the maceration of fresh plants that we harvest ourselves, from our organically certified 200 hectares of countryside and scrubland.

These are our unique, indulgent ingredients. MATARRANIA uses NO mineral oils, paraffin, artificial colorings or synthetic fragrances, and does NOT use animal testing.




We have never tested on animals, neither the final product nor any of the ingredients. The products are tested by friends and collaborators before being presented. In addition, we support the trend to avoid ingredients of animal origin, which is why the entire range of MATARRANIA cosmetics is suitable for vegans.

All our jars and bottles are made of glass, which also contains 30% recycled glass. The caps are made of aluminum and only a little part of the bottles cap contain plastic. We are a very committed brand that minimizes waste and we encourage you to its reuse and recycling. Give a second use to our beautiful packaging!