Sensitive skin

The alchemy of MATARRANIA lies in the wisdom of the Mediterranean culture, in the secrets of ancient formulae. Olive oil and wild plant extracts are the real architects of the excellent protecting and regenerating effects of our cosmetics.

Highly concentrated, with sumptuous textures and natural and evocative aromas, all the product ranges of MATARRANIA are formulated without water and are chemical-free, and have been awarded a 100% organic certification. 

The results: efficacy, respect for the skin and an intense feeling of wellbeing and re-connecting with nature.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin There are 16 products.

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    Nourishing and regenerating facial cream. Expect a more supple, smooth and radiant skin thanks to the antioxidant properties of olive oil and rosehip. Additionally, it smooths and reduces fine lines. Formulated without fragrances (no perfume and no essential oils) so that the most sensitive skins can receive deep hydration and protection.

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    Face tonerscented with authentic rose and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Its formula soothes, decongests, relaxes, refreshes, restores skin moisture and balances skin's PH.

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    Its astringent properties tighten pores and regulate sebum production. This product rebalances the skin leaving it fresh and toned. This perfect combination of distillates of Mediterranean plants is the best care for oily skins: cotton lavender, thyme and spike lavender. Cotton lavender provides an immediate astringent action, and thyme and spike...

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    Exquisite formula that gently but effectively cleanses the skin, while removing even waterproof make-up.  Powered by damask rose water, thyme extract and olive and sunflower oils.

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    This eye contour will protect, regenerate and deeply nourish your skin whereas smoothing and reducing fine lines. Formulated without fragrances (no perfume and no essential oils) so that the most sensitive skins - which react with itching or redness to other products- can receive deep hydration and protection.

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    Pure, ancestral formula made only with extra virgin olive oil, that cleans thoroughly without drying up. For daily use and for all skin types. Formulated without fragrances -no perfume and no essential oils -so that the most sensitive skins, which react with itching or redness to other products, can receive gentle but effective cleaning.

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    64,18 € 75,50 € -15%
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    This soothing treatment will repair atopic and damaged skin suffering from dermatitis, psoriasis or eczemas. An ancestral formula, highly appreciated by country people for its soothing qualities after burns, bumps and insect bites. In such cases, the balm also relieves pain, reduces inflammation and helps to regenerate the skin.

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    Formulated to protect and hydrate the most delicate sensitive skins and with soothing properties. For daily baby care on face or body from birth onwards. Additionally, it works to sooth cradle cap.  Ideal for infant massaging as it facilitates contact with the baby and is slowly absorbed.

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    Strong cell regenerating power that reduces wrinkles, acne marks and stretch marks boosting the healing process. Enriched with extra virgin olive oil from green olives, this powerful antioxidant treatment boasts large amounts of polyphenols and essential fatty acids. Perfume-free formula, suitable for all skin types.

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    Deodorant cream formulated to allow skin to breath naturally, moisturising it and absorbing excess moisture. The smooth texture sinks into skin readily, leaving a genuine Mediterranean scent of lemon and thyme. Dermatologically tested. With a mild smell and effect, it is suitable for sensitive skin. Formulated without bicarbonate. LATEX & GLUTEN-FREE

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    Cleanses and remouves make-up. Suitable for use in eye contour area.Soothes and tones your skin

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